About Beavers

Out of all of the rodents in the world Chicago beavers are the largest ones. They are easily recognizable due to their flat webbed feet and their thick fur a. There are 2 species of beavers, the American beaver and the Eurasian beaver. While they are similar in looks their weight, size of their tails and size of their heads are the only variances.

The American Chicago beaver weighs typically 69 pounds and is 23 to 39 inches in length; the tail alone has a length of 7 3/4 to 9 inches long. The Eurasian beaver is slightly different and that is both in the weight that ranges from 29 to 77 pound with a length of 29 to 53 inches. The Eurasian beaver has narrower tails and smaller heads. Illinois beavers are very much known for their large teeth and jaw strength that they use to fell trees. Beaver’s teeth grow throughout their entire lifetime. Beavers are primarily aquatic rodents, who have transparent eyelids and closable ears and nose. Chicago beavers, both male and female have scent glands they use this gland to mark their territories. The gland is located by the tail and is called the castoreum.

For the sake of survival all Illinois beavers must live near freshwater areas, such as ponds or lakes. American beavers stay clear of desserts and live in parts of Canada and Illinois. The Eurasian beaver at one time lived throughout Europe. At this time in smaller numbers and exist primarily in the Scandinavian region. Built on the edges of ponds and lakes, a beaver’s home is known as lodges. Lodges are domed shaped homes that are as high as 3 ft. and as wide as 8 ft. Nocturnal, these rodents spend their days building. They will create dams in ponds. The dams can be as long as 6 ft. long. Chicago beavers can create such environmental impacts due to these dams. Flooding can occur at the adjourning land.

Chicago beavers mate twice yearly and can have anywhere from the diet of the beaver consists of wood, leaves, poplar trees and other woods. This is done because of their ability to digest cellulose.Cellulose is an important component to the diet of a beaver. Monogamous the beaver will create a home for their mate and children. The gestation period is 105 t0 107 days. They will have anywhere between 1 to 4 kits at a time. By 2 years the kits are on their own with being monogamous by the age of 3.

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