Bird Fogging

Chicago bird Fog is a repellent for nuisance birds and can carry hazardous diseases through their droppings. Fogging is more reliable than scare tactics such as noises and decoys. It is safe for both the environment and indoor use. Fogging is not a spray it is literally a fog. Use for 4 – 5 days and you will have elimination of the birds. Fogging is good for Canadian Geese, Starling and Sea gulls. In order to effectively use a fogging device, you should use either a thermal or ULV fog generator; with this the fog will become little droplets that remain suspended in the air. There are better times than others to use the foggerand that is at night while the Illinois birds are sleeping or during the day when they are searching for food.

When Illinois birds are in dense natural fog they tend to vocalize more and to also stick together more. Birds will tend to fly in circles and become totally disoriented. There are foggers known as thermalwet foggers that are used outside. These foggers are particularly used for flocks of birds that gather and/or loiter. A wet substance it will not penetrate shrubs. Wet foggers will not only penetrate thick foliage but in some cases must be truck mounted. Repeated treatments of both are generally required. The mechanical unit always produces the wet fog and has been known to damage foliage if spraying too close.

Many wet foggers are good for the golf course or over large areas. It has been proven to not be cost effective over bodies of water. It is effective however at airports. There are available products that will cause pain and eventually kill the Chicago bird. The bulk of the foggers will not kill the birds but make them uncomfortable enough to leave the property. Aerosol product will work quickly and effectively for approximately an hour. A second use will keep the offending Illinois birds away a little longer. With each use generally 4 -5 you will see a decrease in birds until there are only a few still around. The general use of wet fogs is at hangers, airports, garbage transfer stations and warehouses, landfills, and fisheries just to name a few. In each case it will require more than one application. Chicago bird fogging is a very useful method of creating an environment that is nolonger comfortable for birds of any type.

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