How to Use a One-Way Exclusion Funnels to Remove Opossums

This is important question, but actually impossible to answer, because you can't remove opossum from your home (if it has already entered in your home willingly, on its own) unless you first trap it. In order to trap a Chicago opossum there are various ways and methods and here we are going to see what traps there are on market and which ones you should use in a case you decide do to it yourself.

First of all, it is very important-even mandatory-to get familiar with the laws in your state to be sure that trapping is legal and that you will not satisfy some legal consequences for deciding to trap an Illinois opossum yourself. There are some states that limit trapping of rodents, allowing only professionals to do that.

Now, if you can trap an Illinois opossum on your own, there are several traps to choose from. There are glue traps that use sticky adhesive to keep animal attached on it until it dies or until you find it and dislocate it. Glue traps are inhumane and we don't recommend their usage in any situation. Snap traps are contraptions that use spring mechanisms that will react to animal's touch and release a spring that will then capture the Chicago animal. Nowadays, there are also electronic snap traps that use electricity to electrocute animal once it enters the trap. This is fast and efficient trap and it doesn't torture the Illinois animal. It enables fast and humane death- however, if animal in question is opossum mother with babies, this is definitely not as humane as one might think, so it is very important to reconsider entire situation before making a definite choice of a trap to use.

In a case when you do trap an Illinois opossum, it is important to consult professionals about what to do next. Should you just release animal in a nearby forest or elsewhere? The answer will again depend on the question weather it's mother with babies or an adult opossum without breed. Chicago professionals know all the answers to relocation of trapped opossum, so contact them when you do capture one.

Illinois opossums in your home will create damage, chewing on wires and insulation. They leave their feces and urine around, cause unpleasant smell and create waste that could be potential health hazard. It is indeed important to get them out of your house and out of your property because they also pose significant danger for farm Illinois animals (if you have any).

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