Do Female Raccoons Make Good Mothers?

Chicago raccoons are very good mothers as they have great capacity of taking care of their young ones in a brilliant fashion. During the early parts of their lives baby raccoons stay in their nests while their mothers go out to take extra food so that they can produce enough milk for feeding the little creatures. After completing 12 months of their age young ones have grown enough and mastered decent courage that can allow them to move outside with their mothers and during this time period they learn forging food and ways that can allow them to survive. Weaning of the young animals is carried out by 16 weeks of age and young ones are allowed to stay with their mothers for 9 months and after this they move out on their own. At a time female Illinois raccoon can give birth to 8 pups, but on average four births take place.

In a particular territory 4 to 6 Chicago raccoons are present and there are reasons related with protection present behind this. Normally these creatures are known for maintaining solitary existence however there are exceptions also present. Mating takes place during January or during the month of February and in this time period female will maintain a brief stay inside den with male. When female has kits or babies in April she stays in the form of group with her off springs. During her pregnancy the female spends a great portion of time in finding an appropriate nest where she can reside with her babies. After giving birth she will spend a major portion of time in attending babies. The duty of raising young ones is completely upon female and she fulfills it in a great manner. She is extremely protective for kits. During first week mother will only leave nest for feeding. She will also do petrol the area for finding predators or excluding the possibility of their existence. At the time of birth the newborns are completely helpless and don’t even have the capacity of opening their eyes and get the potential of standing on their own at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Weaning is the responsibility of mothers till 6 to 8 weeks of age. Therefore, it can be said that mother Illinois raccoons are extremely responsible and good mothers. They can go to any limit for taking care of their babies and this is a strongly positive trait present in them.

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